The M&A Specialists at National Business Acquisitions have the following industry expertise and experience.


Air Compressor Company
Automotive Body Repair Company
Automotive Classic Restoration
Automotive Repair
Alarm and Security Company
Baseball Training and Work-out Company
Commercial Glass Company
Commercial Moving and Storage Company
Fireplace Company
Fire Suppression Company
Graphics Design and Printing Company
Heating and Air-conditioning Company
Hydraulics and Air Equipment Company
Moving and Storage Company
Security Alarm / Monitoring Company
Security Gate / Access Control Company
Security Low Voltage Company
Tree and Mulch Company
Trucking, Logistics, Storage Companies


Acoustical Ceiling Installation
Commercial Drywall Company
Commercial Office Renovation Company
Disaster Recovery and Remediation Company
Electrical Contracting Company
Engineering Site Development Company
Geotextile Company
Glass Commercial Company
Home Inspection Company
HVAC Company
Insulation Company
Irrigation Company
Landscape Company
Plumbing Contracting Company
Survey Company


Software Developer


Nurse Staffing Company
Medical Assistant Staffing Company


Commercial and Industrial Clean up Company
Commercial and Industrial Transportation Company


Automotive Audio Components Supplier
Automotive Battery Supplier
Automotive Custom Wheel Supplier
Automotive Recycler Supplier
Adhesive Supplier
Beverage Equipment Supplier
Bottled Water - Purification Supplier
Building Materials Supplier
Chemical and Janitorial Supplier
Commercial Door Supplier
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier
Cutting Tools and Fixtures Supplier
Durable Medical Equipment Supplier

Lighting Supplier
Electrical Supplier
Fasteners Metal Buildings
Fireplace Supplier
Food Supplier
Geotextile Supplier
HVAC Supplier
Insulation Supplier
Industrial Equipment
Industrial Pipe and Fittings Supplier
Industrial Racking Supplier
Janitorial Supply
Laboratory Equipment Supplier
Landscape Nursery Supplier

Masonry -Stucco Distributor
Motor Cycle Dealership
Packaging Supplier
Plastics Equipment and Parts
Plumbing Supplier
Racking Supplier
Safety Equipment Supplier
Specialty Food Supplier
Stair Parts Supplier
Steel Re-Bar Supplier
Stone Natural and Cultured Supplier
Window and Door Residential Supplier


Adhesive Manufacturer
Architectural Millwork
Automotive Parts Re-Manufacturing
Automotive Shock Absorber Racing Manufacturer
Automotive Cleaners and Waxes Manufacturer
Awnings Commercial Manufacturer
Cabinets Commercial -Retail Manufacturer
Cabinets Residential  Manufacturer
Cast stone Manufacturer
Chemical  and Packaging Manufacturer
Closet Manufacturer
Commercial Door Mat Manufacturer
Commercial Printing
Control Panel Manufacturer
Counter Top (formica - Solid Surface and Granite) Manufacturing
Cultured Marble Manufacturing
Cut Limestone Manufacturer
Custom Wood Products Manufacturer
Dental Lab Manufacturer
Embroidery-Sports Apparel Manufacturer

Floor Cleaning Compound Manufacturer
Garage Door Manufacturer
Gear Boxes and Pumps Industrial Re-Manufacturer
Geotextile Fabricator Manufacturer
Graphics and Screen Printing 
Gutter and Down Spout Manufacturer
HVAC Duct Manufacturer
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer
Lawn Treatment Equipment Manufacturer
Marine Dock Manufacturer
Medical Equipment Manufacturer
Metal Building Manufacturer
Metal Fabrication, Machining, Stamping, Welding Companies
Office Trailer Manufacturer
Packaging Manufacturer
Pallet Manufacturer
Plantation Shutter Manufacturer
Plastic Injection molding company
Plastic Rotational molding company
Printing General
Racing power steering Manufacturer

Screen Door Manufacturer
Screens - Windows Manufacturer
Seating Commercial and Institutional Manufacturer
Sheetmetal Manufacturing
Shutter - Plantation Manufacturer
Signs Architectural Manufacturer
Signs Custom Commercial Manufacturing
Signs Lighted  Maintenance and Manufacturer
Sinks  Acrylic / Fiberglass Manufacturer
Skylight Manufacturer
Stainless Steel Tables Manufacturer
Stair Parts Manufacturer
Tool and Die Company
Trailer (Light Utility) Manufacturer
Trailer (Heavy) Manufacturer
Truck Body Manufacturer
Tub Acrylic / Fiberglass Manufacturer
Window Manufacturer
Wood Products Manufacturer 
Wood Reels - Industrial Manufacturer

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